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The Rhonda Furin Foundation

is a grassroots organization focused on promoting policies that protect and ensure the freedoms and liberties guaranteed to every Californian through our Constitution.

Too often, California politicians sacrifice the liberty of their constituents for political expediency. By doing this, they prioritize their political goals over the needs of those they are supposed to represent. This is unacceptable.


IN California Freedom First

The foundation believes that the best way to protect the freedoms bestowed upon us by our Creator is to demand accountability of those in power while educating our neighbors of excessive government overreach into their lives.

That is why we provide the necessary information, resources, and tools to our members that empower them to hold their elected officials accountable. We also provide an infrastructure for like-minded Californians to come together in pursuit of a more open and free society.


Liberty First

We are dedicated and focused on returning power to The People.

Rather than defending the principles of limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberties, our elected leaders in Sacramento have pushed the limits of what is constitutional while ignoring the wishes of the governed throughout the Golden State. Together, we will stand as a united front in the fight to regain the freedoms that have been stolen from Californians in the last three years.